Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Make your Proposal Memorable!

Need an idea how to propose to your sweet heart?

 Fred Astaire Dance Studio is well known for their first dance choreography, date nights, and parties! Show her how romantic you can be by surprising her with dance lessons. Ask your Fred Astaire Studio about the Introductory Offer which includes 2 Private dance lessons, 1 Practice Party for only $40 (Per couple)!
Have a magical night of  learning to move as one. After your lesson enjoy a private tour of the dance studio, and  pop the question during or after your lesson!
After your proposal, enjoy more lessons at that studio, so you can continue to practice your dance moves with your fiance!!

1.) Call your local Fred Astaire Dance Studio and let them know you are planning a surprise proposal! 

Call us today to Schedule: 

2.) Schedule your private dance lesson

3.) Bring a CD or a song you want to dance to ex: (Salsa, Country & Western, Waltz, Tango, etc...)

4.)  Dress up for a romantic night out! We recommend ladies to wear two inch heels with straps, and a dress or skirt. For men, wear dress shoes with no rubber soles. 

5.)  Bring a camera or use your cell phone to record the proposal! 

Watch this past proposal at Fred Astaire Dance Studio- Sugar Land 
to give you a vision: 

Monday, May 5, 2014

Emerald Ball 25th Dancesport Championships

Fred Astaire Dance Studio's Stars; Estefania Papadopulos, Annette Monks, Stephen Dorsett and T.B. competed at the 25th Emerald Ball this past week April 25th-May 4th at The Hilton Los Angeles (LAX).
Emerald Ball is one of the three largest competitions in America, with high dance standards and serious prize money. It was an intense and glamorous competition between the Top competitors around the world!

Congratulations to Fred Astaire Dance Studio The Woodlands instructor Amber Lynell and her student Stephen Dorsett for placing First Place in all dance heats! They were also awarded to the FINALISTS in Smooth Closed Championship- b division, which started out with 40 couples!

Congratulations to the Gem of  Emerald Ball, Miss Estefania Papadopulos (Student from The Woodlands Studio) who was awarded TOP GOLD Student!

And the TOP GOLD Student of Emerald Ball 2014 is?... Miss Estefania Papadopulos!!!!

And the TOP GOLD Student of Emerald Ball 2014 is?... Miss Estefania Papadopulos!!!!

First Place in all Heats-Amber Lynell & Stephen Dorsett!!!! 

First Place in all Heats-Amber Lynell & Stephen Dorsett!!!! 

Annette Monks and Ben from Fred Astaire Dance Studio The Woodlands competing at Emerald Ball! 

Annette Monks and Ben 

Patrick Stuckwish and T.B. from Fred Astaire Dance Studio River Oaks! 

Fred Astaire Dance Studio
Raquel Sarabia 
Marketing Director 
Fred Astaire Studio: 281.265.0644

So this is love...

Fred Astaire Dance Studio Sugar Land's instructors Andreea and Andy performed a lovely Waltz for the Child Advocates of Fort Bend Cinderella Ball! "The strong support of these four sponsors and many others is a crucial part of Child Advocates' mission to help children and families affected by child abuse, according to Ruthanne Mefford, Child Advocates executive director."- Joan Vogan Houston Chronicle

Check out Fred Astaire Dance Studio Sugar Land's- Andreea & Andy's magical performance with Cinderella...

Cinderella Ball Sugar Land Marriott- Fred Astaire Dance Studio instructors Andy & Andreea

Fred Astaire Dance Studio Sugar Land
2140 Lone Star Drive Sugar Land, Texas 77479
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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Houston Family Magazine- Achieve Optimum Health in 2014

Fred Astaire Dance Studio was featured in The Houston Family Magazine "Achieve Optimum Health in 2014". Fred Astaire Dance Studio's article gives you the health benefits of dancing!

 Click here to view the Houston Family Magazine Optimum Health 2014 Articles

"Dance like nobody’s watching.

Dancing is a key to optimum health at physical, mental and emotional levels. Whether you had a long day at the office or are struggling to lose weight, there is always dance to pick you up! Fred Astaire Dance Studio students have shown that taking a dance class can boost your energy in an instant! The constant movement and muscle extension during a dance session creates a gentle stretching and toning. Dancing also strengthens your cardiovascular system, balance and posture. In addition, there are many mental and emotional benefits as well; several studies have concluded that social dancing can even delay the onset of Alzheimer’s disease, sometimes up to 75%. The New England Journal of Medicine reported that, “Dancing may boost your memory and prevent you from developing dementia as you get older.” Moving your feet and dancing is a key to better health. Set a romantic date night for you and your significant other for a private dance lesson, or make it a ladies night and join a dance group class for a night of learning salsa at Fred Astaire Dance Studio! You will see once you step on the dance floor and start dancing that you are a better you with confidence and poise."

Raquel Sarabia, Marketing Director

Fred Astaire Dance Studios

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Magical things happen at Fred Astaire Dance Studio Sugar Land...

Ray proposed to his girlfriend Sarah during their Friday night dance lesson April 4, 2014! Fred Astaire Dance Studio Sugar Land's staff helped Ray surprise his girlfriend by having her family hide and surprise her right before he bent down one knee to propose!

Congratulations Ray and Sarah! We wish you all the best in your new journey together! :)

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Find your Fire! Argentine Tango Night at Tierra del Fuego

Fred Astaire Dance Studio Sugar Land  performed a sizzling Argentine Tango at Tierra del Fuego's soft opening on Monday March 24, 2014. Everyone who dined that night received a Free dance lesson to start dancing! Check out the pictures of  the Argentine Tango performance, live Tango music and delicious Argentinean cuisine at Tierra del Fuego.

Andi and Andreea performing a Argentine Tango! 

Laura and Mark  preparing to TANGO! 

Find your Fire! 

Sugar Land Studio: 281-265-0644

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Brownsville ISD Ballroom Mini Match!

Dancers from Brownsville ISD had a chance to swing their bodies not only to music but to help
underprivileged students from one of the poorest areas of the country get a new hold on their

For the first time, Brownsville ISD held their Ballroom Mini Match with the non-profit Dancing Thru Life volunteers on January 11, 2014 at the Veterans High School. Faculty Members of Veterans
High School and Dancing Thru Life hosted the Brownsville Ballroom Mini Match.
While the evening offered a night of fun and dancing, the true focus was on over 400 students from
Brownsville Independent School District. This unique ballroom event was sold out two weeks prior with over 750 spectators.

Stephanie Schlueter and Mark Adler are the founders of the non-profit Dancing Thru Life and also owners of several Fred Astaire Dance Studios in Texas.  This is their fifth year teaching Brownsville ISD students the patience and dedication involved with ballroom dancing.
Stephanie Schlueter Originally from Germany has been teaching children how to dance ever since she was a teenager and shares a wild passion for dance. “There is no other sport on the planet like it,” Schlueter said. “In ballroom dancing you learn integrity, etiquette, social skills and manners. It helps you on so many levels and it truly instills a great amount of confidence in children.” Ballroom School Programs grow from two campuses and 40 students in Brownsville ISD to the entire district, with 46 campuses and over 1,000 children of all ages dancing and participating in their program.

Rebecca Rendon, administrator of fine arts for Brownsville ISD, first got the idea of creating a
ballroom program after seeing a documentary about children learning life skills from dancing. She
emphasized that it’s not unlike other school programs, as students are required to have passing
grades to participate, and said that the program has been incredibly beneficial to students’ wellbeing.
“We had no idea the impact it was going to have at first,” Rendon said. “We started with 10 out 37
elementaries in our first year of the ballroom program. Originally, we only worked with fifth graders
and below but after demand from the parents we opened it up to middle school and high school

Through dancing lessons three days a week, Schlueter and Adler said students learn important social skills
while participating in an activity that is healthy and extremely disciplined. They venture to
Brownsville ISD generally with seven other volunteers.
“This program is more than just dance lessons,” Schlueter said. “Dancing is something they can
use to grow and learn from and ultimately helps them in life.”

Brownsville is a particularly poor area of Texas, with 98 percent of citizens classified as
economically disadvantaged, Rendon said. Over 60 percent of students have never even been out
of Brownsville before.“You may think it’s something very simple, but for them to a restaurant and order food and learn about things like gratuity and tax on a bill is a whole process,” Rendon said. During their visits to
The Woodlands, each child is given a small amount of money that they learn to budget with,
providing yet another learning aspect. “This has really pushed these kids to pass,” Rendon said. “You don’t want to see kids on the streets looking for something to do and this is something that is really a big deal in their lives.”

Stephanie Schlueter and Mark Adler are hoping to make competitions like the one held on Jan. 11th into an annual event as Dancing Thru Life looks to get more members of the community involved and teaching Brownsville students when they visit The Woodlands. “We’re looking for more people to see this program and open their heart to children who cannot do what we do every day,” Schlueter said. “I run dance studios and I do what I love, but if I did not have people that supported me I would not be where I am. Some of those kids can live the same dream I am living to do what they love and to feel like they never have to work a day in their lives.” 
In addition to help these dancers; Fred Astaire Dance Studio The Woodlands and Sugar Land are
now selling the Dancing thru Life 2014 calendar in the studios for only $49.99! All proceeds will go
to Dancingthrulife.org to help another child’s dream come true. 

Mark Adler and Stephanie Schlueter will also be hosting the Dancingthrulife first annual fundraiser on Thursday July 31, 2014 at The Woodlands Fred Astaire Dance Studio! All proceeds will go to www.Dancingthrulife.org

More information about Dancing Thru Life can be found online at: www.dancingthrulife.org

 Article by: Raquel Sarabia .Marketing Director. Fred Astaire Dance Studios

FREDDY BALL 2014 A Night of Shining Stars!

Fred Astaire Dance Studios, Texas Region held the eighth annual Freddy Ball Awards “The Oscars of ballroom dancing”, this past weekend February 7th-9th 2014 at the Houston Marriott North-Greenspoint Hotel & Resort. This is the time to shine for the best Top instructors and students!  They are recognized and awarded for their hard working achievements and performances from 2013.

TOP winners for The Woodlands Studio: Top Female-Evans, Liz; Top Male- Dorsett, Stephen; Top Couple-Evans, Charles & Liz; Top Competitor – Monks, Annette.

TOP Winners Sugar Land Studio: Top Female- F, Vanina; Top Male-Campbell, Weston; Top Couple-Theobald, Claire & Eugene; Top Competitor-Papadopulos, Estefania

TOP Winners River Oaks Studio: Top Female-B, Toni; Top Male-Mauzy, Derek; Top Competitor and Ambassador for the region- Curling, Susan; Top Youth-Brandtner, David.

THE TOP EXECUTIVES for 2014 (Undefeated for the 10th year): 
Mark Adler and Stephanie Schlueter

Students and guests had a memorable evening of performances, social dancing and award ceremony. Everyone danced all styles of ballroom dances in Smooth & Rhythm including; Tango, The Waltz, Viennese Waltz, Quick Step and Foxtrot, Rumba, Mambo, Bolero, Swing, Jive,  Paso Doble, Salsa and Cha-Cha!

After the award ceremony the professionals put on an exciting show for everyone and left the crowd in awe. Inspiring all to never give up and always have fun dancing no matter what age or size you are.

To see more pictures from Freddy Ball please visit:  http://newage.photodeposit.com/Default.aspx
Visit The Fred Astaire Dance Studio website to find the nearest studio:  www.fredastairehouston.com

Freddy Ball 2014 TOP Instructors!!!

Article by: Raquel Sarabia .Marketing Director. Fred Astaire Dance Studios. 281.265.0644